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Our tour guides are part of a passionate community that knows that the best travel experiences
are built on local stories and neighborly guides.

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Quickly search and find family-friendly tours in desired areas. Filter easily by categories and guides.


Ditch that expensive group tour. Select one of our informative local experiences for as low as $10.

Hidden Gems

Choose from a range of tours created by locals dedicated to uncovering the unforgettable memories and treasures.

Flexible Schedule

Can’t take your tour now? Looking to plan a special occasion in advance? Don’t worry. You have 30 days after purchase to take your tour.

Survey the Possibilities

Your Tour map includes a clear view of the area with a guided tour lists and detailed routes on how to get there.

Discover Hidden Gems

Whether you are visiting from miles away or on a neighborhood stroll, our guides will help you uncover the tales that locals know best.

Explore with Ease

Easily navigate your favorite places with detailed turn-by-turn directions and informative multimedia content. 

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Download our app to navigate, explore, and enjoy your next trip with ease and peace of mind. 

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Discover the world outside your door by easily searching for tours around your current location. Select your favorite in minutes and be on your way!

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Directions for Every Mode

Find the quickest route to your destination and all points in between, whether you are walking, driving or biking. 

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Multimedia at Your Fingertips

Looking to get a head start on your visit? Local audio, video and text helps give you a full picture all the places you'd like to visit.

Record Your Most Memorable Moments in Your Own Personal Journal

Keep the memories of your tour recorded for years to come with your personal Built Story journal of tour photos, videos, and notes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a refund on my tour?

Our goal is that each user learns, enjoys and has a wonderful experience during their time using Built Story tours. If this is not the case, please drop us a note at, and we will address your concerns.

How are tours created?

Tours are created through the merchant dashboard on the Built Story website. Tour operators are the only members of the Built Story marketplace that can create a tour.

Can I create a tour in a language other than English?

Built Story is working to bring extended language capability to our app and website. Please stay tuned!

Can I share my Journal to social media?

If you do wish to post to social media, you can do so through the journal button located on the bottom of the home screen.)

Can I sell my tours for more than $10?

At this time, no. But keep your eye out for updates on this policy.

Can I become a tour creator?

Anyone can go from being a tour take to a tour operator. Just simply login from a desktop computer and follow the step by step instructions through the website to create your own merchant dashboard. Once your dashboard is created, you can begin creating and leading tours.

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